Heart Transformations with Hermes Trismegistus by Yantara Jiro


Heart Transformations with Hermes Trismegistus
by Yantara Jiro via Zoom LIVE
14 June 2020
8pm SG, 1pm London, 5am Los Angeles (USA)

Event's language: English only

イベントの言語: 英語

Ticket Price: S$80 Singapore Dollars

Important: When applying to this webinar, please ensure that the email you register with us is the same as your Zoom account's email. This will ensure smooth access to the event when you click on the link which we will provide on 12 June 2020 via email. Webinar is on 14 June 2020.

*To prepare for this webinar, please be undisturbed for at least two hours, be comfortable. Sit at a place where you are able to keep your spine erect comfortably if possible. If you are unable to sit due to pain or discomfort, lying down is recommended.

About this Webinar
Be in a two-hour intimate webinar session with Hermes as Yantara Jiro's main Master Guide speaks through. As the world continues its metamorphosis process, We, the collective consciousness must consciously play the role in co-creating new realities.

During the webinar, we are guided and overlight by Hermes and the Ascended Masters to receive exclusive verbal energy transmissions targeting our chakras, lightbodies, DNA, and meridians - To especially work harmoniously with the current planetary bodies, upcoming eclipses, and retrogrades.

June is an intensely powerful month for many affecting on the Root, Navel, Heart, and Throat Chakras, transcending chakras to further be worked on are Core Star, Earth Star, and Soul Star.

Besides deep channeling by Yantara Jiro, there will be time for Q&A supported by our co-hosts.

This webinar is a collaboration event between Yantara Jiro's Singapore and UK's offices for English speaking attendees.
The recording will be available for view till 1st July 2020 once it is uploaded.


One who carries many names such as (Thoth, Merlin, Guru Rinpoche, Enoch, Zep Tepi) will be guiding us through a deep channeling process.

Hermes shared with the world the 7 Hermetic Principles, One of the Laws that permeates from the Principle is widely known as “The Law of Attraction”.

Hermes long before Atlantis, at the beginning of time, has promised to return at the end of this cycle of time through Alchemy of DNA and consciousness.

It is said he will bring great sacred keys of the Golden Age, raising vibrations and uplifting consciousness to higher frequencies of light and understanding.

The Zep Tepi (First Time) encoded messages in the language of symbols, in the tongues of Light, and when spoken creates a spinning vortex and flare patterns in the brain. It is the Language of Sacred Geometrics, a harmonic language. It affects the DNA and unlocks gateways of the mind into higher states of consciousness (Awakening).

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Sun Jun 14, 2020
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM SGT
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